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Inspiration can come from so many directions.

As interior designers we see, and seek out, interesting materials and new applications. Perhaps we seek a new direction for a tile lay-out, perhaps an interesting finish sparks our imagination. Off we go with an entire master bathroom renovation design plan, sprouted from that one piece of inspiration. This was the case, when we gave a dark and dingy bathroom a much needed overhaul.

Master Bathroom tile finishes and hardware by Northern Light Design Boca Raton Florida

We were incredibly lucky to be introduced to a couple, who were not afraid of a little color, and they let us have a little fun. Our jumping off point, was their love for the color blue, and on one of our shopping trips we found a cool blue glass tile, with a textured back (horizontal tile, top of image above), and started designing around that.

We knew we were unable to change the overall layout of the master bathroom or enlarge the overall footprint, however switching the location of the shower and tub allowed us to maximize the overall feel resulting in a luxurious shower area.

As you can see, everything needed to change, and quickly!

Cool blue tile - the jumping off point in this master bathroom renovation design.

Knowing that the space needed to be light and bright, we ultimately decided to go with crisp white walls and ceiling. We carried the ceramic plank tile floor (a soft grey color) from the rest of the house into the bathroom, for a cohesive look and we kept the rest of the finishes light and bright as well.

Master Bathroom tile finishes by Northern Light Design Boca Raton Florida

We love the look of timeless white cabinets, but also understand the need for change, and love to push the envelope from time to time! So, for this master bathroom renovation we suggested to have the custom cabinetry sprayed blue, because... why not? Penny tile is tried and true, and it feels great under foot, so we decided to incorporate it as the new shower floor. This specific color way has a lot of different shades of blue and grey, so we set it in crisp white grout. In order to keep the overall look feeling light and bright, we selected a bright white Thassos marble for the countertops, shower surround and bench seat.

Mixed metals.

Some say DO, some say DON'T, we chose to mix it up! By being strategic with our placement, we were able to use both brass and brushed chrome in the same space, and still achieve a calm and fresh look. For this master bathroom renovation we chose to keep all the plumbing fixtures brushed chrome; both the faucets by the double vanity, as well as all the plumbing in the shower and tub. We mixed in a little warmth with a few brass pieces; hardware on the cabinetry and the light fixture.

Master Bathroom Renovation by Northern Light Design Boca Raton Florida

Not only did we find a cool blue, textured tile, in an odd size, but we decided to do a stacked pattern, so to not only have a little fun, but also highlight the pitched ceiling. Sometimes there are architectural features that you can't change, so play them up and make them stand out, if you can't camouflage them.

If you want to catch a few additional images from this Master Bathroom Renovation, head over to our instagram account. We have been working on another bathroom remodel in the same house, plus a few other updates, and a couple of custom designed furniture pieces, not yet photographed.

If you have questions, comments or just want to say Hi, we'd love to hear from you!

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Materials Palette for bathroom renovation by Northern Light Design Boca Raton Florida

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